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Brazilian Jeans by Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido Jeans the Best Brazilian Jeans that Lift and Fit your curves
When you wear our world famous Butt Lifter Colombian Jeans you can rest assured that your jeans is doing something great for you, they  will give you that perfect fit.
Best Lifting Jeans Ever

Jackie Guerrido Jeans, best fitting jeans.

Vende Jeans Levanta Cola

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We are the best site to buy jeans online.

If you are looking for a Sexy Brazilian Jeans that will show your junk in the trunk and look like a million dollars then stop buying $20.00 jeans.These $58.00 Brazilian Jeans will make your butt look amazing. Our Brazilian Jeans will make you have a bootyful rear.
If you always buy Brazilian Jeans and want that custom made look and feel I am sure we can please you.

JG JEANS make your bottom look awesome.

Most of our customers are women who are looking for a Sexy Brazilian Jeans that fit fabulous. Many of our customers are from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago but we do send to Australia a lot but worldwide shipping is available as well.
Our customers is looking for a Brazilian Jeans that fit really nice, most of them need jeans for tall women.
After talking with many of your customers it seems like our Colombian Jeans is the best choice because it has a $58.00 price where other Colombian Jeans that cost 100.00 or more, they have bought in the past like brand similar to 7 seven for mankind, true religion, page, Hudson and other high end brands but they do not like the way they fit; after trying our Colombian Jeans the do tell us by far you have The
Best Fitting Jeans in the world.
We sell jeans to motorcycle clubs.
Many females ride and want to feel confident when they ride that there decent and not showing butt cleavage.Women who ride behind also love the secure high rise that makes them so happy not to show butt crack!  That market has grown and grown.

We did a survey we found out not only Latin women with curves but women from all over the world love our Colombian Jeans.
Here are some facts about Jackie Jeans.
The TOP 10 areas where we have seen growth is in these areas.
They seek a pair of Butt Lifting Jeans that fit when they have a no butt or a flat butt, they tell us it gives them the perfect fit round bubble butt, most increased in sells where

  • African American women.
  • They final got what they asked for jeans for black women
  • Jeans for tall women, and
  • Jeans for women with a big butt and hips.
  • Jeans for women with flat butt
  • Jeans that do not gab on waist (effect as big butt and small waist)
  • No crack, Low rise jeans that show the plumbers butt. , our jeans are high in the back bend down no crack!
  • Biker jeans for women that set behind on motorcycles and do not want the butt cleavage.
Jeans for big thighs was also an area where we have huge sale increase. But our Butt Lifting Jeans fit all women.Again and again we here our jeans are so soft, your Butt Lifting Jeans are so comfortable, your jeans make my butt look great.Women had issues with jeans that are short or petite, our small ladies love the jeans yes sometimes they have to cut them or get them hemmed.

Our front rise is comfy and we do have a high back rise. here is a list of our top state that we sell to we send a lot of Sexy Brazilian Jeans on New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas. As you know some other make a similar Brazilian Jeans but our customers say they do not lift or fit the same.
The Brazilian Jeans are know as Colombian Jeans or Levanta Cola Jeans, we have the Best Levanta Cola Jeans in the world  from  California to Colorado to Ohio, we sell some in new Mexico and send 5 pairs last week to Louisiana.
Our site have been voted Best Colombian Jeans 2013.   
Some of our customers told us that they buy Colombian Jeans from buckle.com or pzijeans.com but since they found us they are addicted.Our collection of Colombian Jeans is ongoing we add new styles every month.
Our customer who seek Colombian Jeans for women now are very busy looking to grab the perfect fitting jeans for the holiday..they want to be fashionista that use Colombian Jeans all year long but are looking for make the perfect outfits in for the holiday, they are shopping now for thanksgiving and Christmas. They hate buying trendy items but look for a good value in a jeans that can be used all year long giving that perfect fit.
They have also told us they look for outfits to buy and use Colombian Jeans for their birthday and going out with friends to the concerts and holiday party.
One customer told me that she only buys Colombian Jeans from us and shares our site www.jeans305.com with all her friends.
Once that she logged in and visited www.jackieguerridojeans.com she loved the Colombian Jeans collection.
Our Colombian Jeans have been seen in the media on TV on channel Univision.com and radio http://www.exitos939.com/  cnn.com and Huntington post did reports on them..

email: sales@jackieguerridojeans.com       Support: 305.812.0080


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